Do We Really Need Another Freight Broker?


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Have you ever found it amusing that in a world full of division and distrust, all businesses are trying to pretend that they are the ONE company that is open and loyal and loving and soft and fuzzy? It’s a wonderful aspiration for any company to try and achieve such a status, but unfortunately, we know that words can only go so far. At some point those words need to be proven.

We have a lot of personalities on our team. We are very different. Difference doesn’t have to be a divide though! Relationships can be hard, and we know that some logistics companies aren’t looking to build a family as much as build transactions.
More than any other quality, transparency is what builds trust. A good track record is important, but even that can’t take the trust trophy home by itself. Mistakes can be made in any relationship but the recovery from those mistakes depends on a willingness to be open. Therefore, I want you to know a few things about this brand-new company, Planex:

1.     We officially launched a few months ago in August 2020

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, but Planex as a name has not been around for long. Now you know why you haven’t heard the name until now! We will be in this industry for a long time to come as well because of our established connections.

2.     We are exclusively backed by several well-established carriers and we rely on them daily

Planex isn’t starting from scratch. We have a lot of very close relationships with carriers, and our customers have found us to be exactly what we claim to be. Relationships are essential and we dedicate ourselves to finding solutions for all of our family.
One of our family members, Kristen from Isomeric said, “Planex has gone above and beyond to facilitate our requests with impeccable service, timely deliveries, abundant knowledge/communication and finally tops it off with accurate billing. Planex has built and will continue to maintain a solid professional relationship with our company for years to come.”

3.      We offer a single point of contact throughout the entire process

We’ve all experienced the phone call where you sit on hold for 45 minutes only to be transferred to someone else after 30 seconds. That’s not our game and that’s not how families work. You get one point of contact to make your logistics needs a lot more simple.

4.     We have an attached warehouse

Maybe you need it now, maybe you don’t. But at some point, you may find yourself in a pickle. If only you knew a third-party logistics company with an attached warehouse, right? Well now you do! Dry & Cold storage available whenever you need it with 24/7 access.

5.     Any type of transportation you may need, we can offer it

Multimodal, truckload, LTL, refrigerated & temperature controlled, flat bed & stepdeck, oversize & special freight, ocean & air, we have it all covered.
Ok, now that the sales pitch is over, we can get back to the question at hand. Do we really need another freight broker? We’ve found that the answer is yes. This industry can be tough, and there’s a certain level of service that needs to be increased to help the supply chain. Smarter logistics solutions are all around as technology is increasing for everyone. Getting market quotes and booking loads is also easier than ever.
What we believe truly needs to happen is unity and transparency. No more sales pitches, no more empty promises, no more of the same old strategies to get the foot in the door. Carriers and customers are looking for a brokerage that can make their lives easier, save them money, but also that cares about them as a person. This is Planex, this is the way our family works. Any questions?